Home Decor Color Trends of Fall/Winter 2021

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The changing of the seasons is a sign to change the mood of your home’s decor. Whether you’re looking for a few pieces to round out a living space or a complete overhaul to end the year, there’s something for everyone in this list.

Based on 10 Color Trends for Fall/Winter 2021–2022, these pieces — including pillows, wall hangings, table runners, and more — were carefully curated to adhere to this fall and winter’s trends, while their thoughtful designs can be appreciated year-round.

Pantone Magenta Purple

Magenta Purple

While standard magenta is composed of red and blue tones equally, Magenta Purple is made up of more blue than red which creates a uniquely softer and cooler plum shade. Adding Magenta Purple to your living space adds a vivid pop of color that’s sure to grasp the attention of your guest and make for conversation pieces.

Ultramarine Green Pantone

Ultramarine Green

Ultramarine Green is a deep and rich green that contains just a touch of blue to give it that beautiful and creative hue. It’s also the perfect natural green color to add to your home during fall and winter if you find yourself reminiscing about the spring and summer time.

Peach Nougat

Peach Nougat

A soft shade that compliments all neutral tones, Peach Nougat combines the warmth and energy of orange with the sweetness of pink, making it an elegant addition to your space. 

Classic Blue Pantone

Classic Blue

Classic blue is a versatile shade that can be added in larger quantities to your space without being overwhelming. Whether you prefer industrial or modern decor styles, Classic Blue will fit in and elevate any room’s aesthetic.

Green Sheen

Green Sheen

Closer to a yellow than a more acidic green, Sheen Green is a bold color that can add a luminous glow to a room when used sparingly and paired with a darker color combination. 

Amberglow Pantone


Amberglow is reminiscent of fall leaves on neighborhood trees. It’s radiant, warm, and intensifies the homey atmosphere we’re all looking for during the colder months. With a touch of black, Amberglow can also be transformed to fit your Halloween decor scheme!

Rose Tan Pantone

Rose Tan

Rose Tan is a gentle shade of pink that works with grays, greens, and blues. While Peach Nougat is a touch more orange, Rose Tan fully embodies the energy and elegance of pink.

Samba Pantone


Bright and energizing, Samba is a color that’s ideal for spacious rooms that get plenty of natural light. Samba is best used in small doses to accentuate gentler hues.

Sandstone Pantone


If you’re more interested in adding neutral and earthy tones to your space, Sandstone is the color for you. Evoking textures of terra-cotta and natural wood, this subtle color can be used in larger quantities without drawing too much attention to itself. 

Fired Brick Pantone

Fired Brick

Fired Brick, a softer and more natural cousin to maroon, is another autumnal base color that can be applied with pillows, rugs, or curtains — as boldly or subtly as you’d like.



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