23 Sustainable and Fair Trade Mother’s Day Gifts

15 sustainable and fair trade mothers day gifts 2021

Moms deserve the best every day, but Mother’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to show all the mothers in your life just how cherished they are. Whether you’re looking for a special gift for your mom, mother-in-law, grandmother, aunt, or godmother, we promise these ethical and sustainable Mother’s Day gift ideas won’t disappoint.

With fair trade jewelry, handwoven kitchen accessories, and vibrant, artisan-made home decor, we’re sure you’ll be able to find exceptional gifts for all the moms in your life.

1. Abby Alley Eliza Cuff

Simple-yet-striking, this fair trade cuff from Abby Alley is perfect for the mom who likes to glam it up without the extra fuss. Abby Alley’s jewelry is all handcrafted by artisans in East Africa earning fair wages for their crafts.

Values: Fair Trade, Heritage, Sustainable


Gold Cuff Bracelet

2. Carry Courage Adventurer Cork Cosmetics Bag

Made with sustainable, vegan cork fabric. The adventurer stores your bottles upright to keep mom’s cosmetics organized. Help her pack up for her next adventure in style.

Value: Sustainable, Made in USA, Vegan, Woman Owned


3 & 4. August Sage Vases

All the flower-loving moms in our life will love these vases from August Sage. Each vase is hand-thrown from start to finish by a group of 7 artisans in their Tonalá, pueblo workshop, with traditional Guadalajara techniques.

Values: Fair Trade, Heritage, Sustainable, Vegan


5. Finex Cast Iron Skillet

Inspire mom’s next kitchen creation with this sustainably made skillet. Each FINEX product is made with 100% North American, quality cast iron and is handcrafted by a small team of people in Portland, OR.

Values: Made in USA, Sustainable, Vegan


6. Minna Peach Grid Apron

For the chefs in your life that like to cook in style, MINNA’s handmade, elegantly-printed kitchen essentials will be a special treat! All of MINNA’s pieces are made consciously by artisans working in family-run workshops and independent cooperatives — in Mexico, Uruguay, and Guatemala — who are able to set their own wages.

Values: Fair Trade, Heritage, Sustainable, Vegan


peach apron with pocket

7. YEWO Nyada Earrings

YEWO is a jewelry brand nestled in the northern mountains of Malawi. The solar-powered, carbon neutral, and off-the-grid jewelry workshop is where nearly a dozen YEWO employees hand construct each small batch of elegant, modern earrings, necklaces, and bracelets with both innovative and traditional techniques.

Values: Fair Trade, Vegan, Sustainable


8. Nisolo Black Leather Envelope Clutch

This fair trade leather clutch from Nisolo is a gorgeous accessory for a night out or can be used for holding small essentials in a tote bag. The clutch is made by hand by artisans working in a factory that Nisolo owns and operates in Peru.

Values: Fair Trade, Heritage, Sustainable


woman holding black leather clutch

9. Iron Oxide Mini Waxing Moon Necklace

Altar’s delicate necklace, shaped like a waxing moon, with a stunning stone set in the middle is an exquisite piece for the minimalist mom in your life. Each necklace is made in Portland, Oregon, from recycled metals.

Values: Sustainable, Made in USA, Vegan


woman wearing gold necklace

10. Mother Erth Red Woven Handbag

Give mom a gift crafted by artisan moms in the Philippines. This handbag is woven with 100% upcycled plastic. Give her a pop of color that is sure to brighten her day.

Values: Fair Trade, Heritage, Sustainable, Vegan


11. Nipomo Horizonte Upcycled Blanket

Nipomo’s blankets are a wonderful blend of Californian style and Mexican heritage, and each blanket is woven on a loom in Txclacala, Mexico, using upcycled remnant fibers leftover from the garment industry.

Values: Fair Trade, Heritage, Sustainable, Woman Owned

Shop Nipomo

12. Middle Kingdom Memphis Medium Lover Porcelain Vase – Indigo

This handcrafted vase is made by artisans in the ancient kiln city of Jingdezhen, China. It is perfect for a Mother’s Day bouquet and is sure to brighten up any room.

Values: Sustainable, Fair Trade, Vegan, POC Owned, Women Owned, Heritage


13. The Bright Angle Monday Mug

Start mom’s day off right with this modern porcelain Monday Mug that is elegant, yet durable. It’s designed to fit the curve of your palm and the handle will fit your fingers like a glove. Perfect for pour-over coffee, French press, or tea.

Values: Sustainable, Made in USA, Vegan, Women Owned


14 & 15. Sertodo Copper Gangotri Pitcher with Lid and Apa Cups

Hand-hammered by skilled artisans from 100% recycled copper using techniques that date back over 1,000 years, Sertodo Copper’s beautiful goods are made with integrity. One of the most interesting, and widely unknown, aspects of copper is that when water is stored in copper vessels — like this pitcher — the mineral of copper is infused into the water. The copper mineral helps support healthy digestive, cardiovascular, and immune systems. Check out our blog post to learn more about Sertodo Copper and the benefits of copper.

Values: Fair Trade, Heritage, Sustainable, Vegan


copper pitcher pouring water into cup

16. Coyuchi Solstice Short Romper

This short romper is breezy and so soft, making it perfect for spring and summer. Designed to be lived in, and featuring pockets, mom will be wearing this ensemble all weekend long. This Coyuchi romper is earth-friendly too — the set is made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton and dyed with all-natural dyes.

Values: Fair Trade, Sustainable, Vegan, Heritage, Women Owned


17. Anatolico Boho Mustard Unisex Turkish Robe

The Boho Mustard Robe is a modern spin on the classic Turkish towel that makes the perfect bathrobe or a luxurious garment to wear while relaxing at home or a weekend getaway. Turkish towels have been used for centuries in hammams, the traditional Turkish baths, where bathing is a slow, relaxing ritual rather than a quick, daily need.

Values: Fair Trade, Heritage, Sustainable, Vegan


18. Studio Variously Amro Organic Cotton Throw

For the mom who love to cozy up with a good book. This super soft throw is made of all organic, hand spun cotton. Features beautiful hand embroidery which makes this textile even more unique.

Values: Fair Trade, Heritage, Sustainable, Women Owned, Vegan


19. Soil to Studio Natasha Handwoven Color Blocked Merino Scarf

This scarf is handcrafted and handwoven in a small village situated in the valley of Gods – Kullu. Made sustainably on a traditional wooden loom, it will add a pop of color to any outfit.

Values: Fair Trade, Heritage, Sustainable, POC Owned, Women Owned


20. Chilote House Shoes

These beautiful fair trade slippers are handmade in small batches by women artisans in Patagonia, Chile with 100% locally sourced, sustainable materials. Hand-knitted with Patagonia sheep’s wool and stitched with vegetable-tanned salmon leather for the outsole. The salmon leather is upcycled from the local fishing industry, that would otherwise be thrown away, to create a unique, soft, and durable sustainable leather. Over time, these comfy slippers conform to the shape of your feet to fit just perfectly. 

Values: Fair Trade, Sustainable, Women Owned, Heritage


21. Salt + Still Cane Hoop Earrings

These hoops have a timeless quality with organic, rounded curves and a sense of movement. They were sculpted in wax before being cast in metal. These classic hoops will quickly become mom’s go to pair.

Values: Sustainable, Made in USA, Vegan, Woman Owned


22. L. Greenwalt Jewelry Small Deco Skyline Geometric Necklace

This geometric statement necklace is modern and unique. Easily dressed up for a night out or worn with a t-shirt and jeans to add shine to a casual look. 

Values: Sustainable, Made in USA, Vegan


woman wearing silver and gold earrings

23. Aplat Vin Zero Waste Tote

The Vin Zero Waste Tote combines form and function. Made of durable organic cotton canvas, this tote has a main compartment that fits one bottle horizontally, as well as three side compartments to carry cups, snacks, napkins, you name it. The perfect picnic and party accessory, Mom is sure to get years of use out of this stylish bag.

Values: Sustainable, Made in USA, Vegan, Women Owned

SHOP Aplat


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