How To Hang Woven Wall Baskets In Any Space

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Have you been staring at a blank wall for the past year, wanting to spruce it up but not sure where to start? You’re not alone! One of our favorite ways to decorate an empty wall is creating a statement wall installation with handwoven wall baskets. Whether you have a small corner that needs a pop of color, a 12-foot wall that craves an art piece, or any area in between, hanging wall baskets and plates create a unique and beautiful embellishment fit for any style and space.

It’s an odd job

We recommend choosing an odd number of baskets to hang, to create visual interest in your wall decor. Apartment Therapy explains, “An odd number of details is more effective at capturing your gaze. Odd numbers force your eyes to move around the grouping–and by extension, the room. That forced movement is the heart of visual interest.” Whether it’s one or nine, choosing an odd number of baskets to hang in your space will be more pleasing to the eye and make your space feel more put together.

Different ways to style

Hanging wall baskets and plates add texture and dimension, warming up a room for that lived-in feeling you crave. And you can deepen that by layering smaller ones over wider ones! A curated collection celebrates the story of the textile, which you’ll be glad to tell to interested visitors. Here are some of our favorite techniques to incorporate these beautiful objects into your wall decor. 


Fair trade wall decor woven wall baskets coral and black


Fair trade wall decor woven wall baskets black geometric

Random and playful

Fair trade wall decor woven wall baskets yellow green bright

Bright colors

Fair trade wall decor woven wall baskets colorful flowers bold

Finding the perfect place in your home

Gallery wall

Add a small plate to an empty space in an existing gallery wall of artwork to add variation in the space. These plates are pieces of art in and of themselves, so they will suit this space well. 

Fair trade wall decor woven wall baskets gallery wall in living room
Fair trade wall decor woven wall baskets neutral colors

Climbing feature

Have high ceilings with lots of empty space? Create a climbing installation to fill your space in an interesting way. Choose a color scheme and select five to seven plates of varying sizes to create this asymmetrical look.

Bedroom fixture

Tired of that empty space above your bed? Choose three coordinating plates and install them above your bed to create a beautiful focal point for the room.

Fair trade wall decor woven wall baskets modern farmhouse style
Fair trade wall decor woven wall baskets jute natural black

Narrow space

Add three plates of the same size vertically to spruce up your narrow wall space. Creating moments of intention— even in the smallest places— will make your space feel more unique and lived-in. 

Reading nook

Create a cozy corner with a collection of wall hangings that complement each other and invite you to curl up with a good book. 

Fair trade wall decor woven wall baskets woven bowls

How to install

We recommend creating paper templates so you can play around with placement to find the perfect spot for each plate before putting holes in your wall. 

Take old paper bags, shipping boxes, newspaper, or tape together standard sheets of paper to be as large as the circumference of each plate.

Place the plate, face-down, on the paper and trace the circumference with a pencil.

Cut out your paper circles along the line you traced.

Attach painters tape, or another adhesive that won’t damage your walls, to the paper

And start placing!

Repeat with all plates, and start arranging and rearranging until you have the perfect layout of paper circles on your wall. 

Pro tip: After you trace and cut your paper templates, flip the hangings over and put the traced papers on top. With a nail or pencil, poke into the spot where you need the nail. When you’re ready to commit, hammer through the hole in the paper for the perfect placement. 

The options are endless. Decide on a color scheme and find baskets in varying sizes, shapes, and patterns that will coordinate together and fill your space in a beautiful and interesting way.


About the makers


The traditional heritage artforms of the Rwandan people are in full display in every Azizi Life piece. Azizi Life’s incredible fair trade woven bowls and baskets, and hand-carved serving utensils, trivets and bowls are made without any electricity and are either sewn with a needle and thread or forged out of solid blocks of wood. 

Made sustainably in 40 artisan cooperatives across Rwanda, each Azizi Life piece supports the local development of multiple African communities. 

Azizi Life intentionally crafts their products out of natural and renewable materials that continue to grow after their outer leaves and branches have been removed. These renewable materials include sisal fibers, banana leaves and stalks, and Jacaranda or Musave wood. Azizi Life is a member of the Fair Trade Federation and pays fair living wages to all its artisan partners across Rwanda.



KAZI is a conscious lifestyle brand working with rural communities across Africa to create economic opportunities that help alleviate poverty in the regions they work. A member of the Fair Trade Federation, KAZI pays artisans living wages and ensures supportive work environments. Beyond this, KAZI reinvests their profits in training initiatives for their artisans. 

KAZI’s products create opportunities for skilled artisans in Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Rwanda, and Burundi. Their gorgeous products are made from all-natural fibers of sisal and sweet grass with natural dyes that are food-safe. Their artisan partners source local materials native to the regions where they work that are readily available in those artisan communities. 

KAZI also recently launched an app that helps you visualize their baskets in your space. 


There are so many other ways to decorate with these beautifully handcrafted baskets. Place them in an empty space on your bookshelf to add depth to your shelf and a natural element. Set prominently in your entryway and use functionally as a catchall for keys, mail, and other everyday necessities. Keep them on your counter or kitchen table to elegantly hold fresh produce for a beautiful and functional storage space.



Apartment Therapy

Azizi Life



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