5 Gifts for Giving Back to People and the Planet

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In recent years, numerous natural disasters have become exacerbated by climate change, making this issue more prominent and difficult to ignore. Fires, floods, and extreme weather have all affected underdeveloped communities, habitats, and animals around the globe, signaling that we need to change. 

Our planet’s health and longevity are undeniably important. This holiday season, consider supporting organizations that strive to make a difference, heal the Earth, and help those affected by poverty and hunger. From organizations that plant trees and offset carbon emissions to charities that provide impoverished communities access to food and clean water, here are a few causes that spread positivity and cheer. 

1. EcoForce Australia | buyatree.co

A tree is one of the most effective plants in capturing carbon emissions. EcoForce Australia is dedicated to taking direct action to reverse climate change by planting trees around the globe and supporting Australian farmers who use regenerative farming practices. Each tree purchased is planted by Australian farmers on lands that are devastated by drought and bushfires. After a tree is purchased, EcoForce Australia plants it, provides GPS coordinates, and waters and cares for it for two years, guaranteeing that it captures carbon and directly contributes to the reversal of climate change. EcoForce Australia will give updates on the status of your tree every six months, including pictures and calculations about how much carbon your tree has captured. If the tree dies within the first two years, they will replace it for free.

EcoForce Australia Tree

2. Wren | wren.co

Wren gives the gift of a greener future through their many initiatives to offset climate change and carbon emissions. Wren allows you to calculate your personal carbon footprint and tells you how much to donate per month to offset your carbon emissions through their climate fund. You can also help fund their many projects around the world. One such project involves reforesting degrading pieces of land in Scotland by planting trees, incorporating rotating livestock grazing, and recycling forest waste. Another project provides clean-burning fuel to refugees in Uganda, so they don’t need to cut down trees to cook food or boil water. Wren is also extremely transparent about where every cent is allocated by providing an easy-to-read graph, linking receipts and documents, and sending detailed updates and photos.

3. America’s National Parks | shop.americannationalparks.gov

Help fund America’s National Parks and preserve their beauty for future generations. Starting at $10, every penny of your donation goes directly to keeping America’s National Parks clean, healthy, and safe. Your donation also funds important programs and efforts around the parks like internships, research grants, programs for children, publications, special events, and signage for trails and exhibits.

American National Park

4. Oxfam | oxfamamerica.org

Donations to Oxfam help aid international relief and development by supporting families in over 90 countries to overcome struggles like hunger, poverty, and injustice. Oxfam easily quantifies your single or monthly donation, so you can see what your money goes toward. A $15 donation can establish three hand-washing taps; a $25 donation can help deliver 1,300 gallons of water. Oxfam has also been featured on CharityWatch’s list of Top-Rated Charities, where they fulfilled requirements like spending 75% or more of their budget on their programs, not holding excessive wealth, and transparent disclosure of financial information. 

5. GreaterGood | store.greatergood.com

For each $15 donation, GreaterGood plants a native tree in a habitat devastated by fires, floods, or deforestation. Regional experts research and select the types of native trees to ensure a balanced ecosystem, depending on where the trees are going to be planted and what the ecosystem is missing. Not only will the trees planted help absorb carbon dioxide, they will also provide much-needed homes for prey animals who, without shelter, are more exposed to predators. The Earth and its animals will greatly benefit from your donation. 

Still don’t see a cause that works for you? Consider checking out “6 Nonprofits to Support on Giving Tuesday” for more ways to give. 

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