6 Ethically Elevated Holiday Outfit Ideas

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Whether you’re preparing for a holiday dinner with friends and family, a charity gala, a company get-together, or a New Year’s Eve cocktail party, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a selection of sustainable and ethical special-occasion dresses, unique artisan-made jewelry, and showstopping handcrafted shoes for all of those seasonal events!

We’ve also created six sustainable outfit ideas using some of our favorite bold, sleek pieces to give you some inspiration for your holiday looks. Whether you’re attending a business-casual party or a formal black-tie affair, these outfits will be sure to wow.

1. Gorgeous Gingerbread

Here’s a festive, elevated outfit to wear to any occasion. WVN’s Aurelia Dress in Gingerbread is stunningly gorgeous and will help keep you warm with its long sleeves and below-the-knee skirt. Pair it with Nisolo’s Heeled Chelsea Boot and L.Greenwalt Jewelry’s Flame Necklace to compliment the dress’s V neckline and tie everything together.

Dress: WVN Aurelia Dress

Shoes: Nisolo Heeled Chelsea Boot in Bone

Jewelry: L.Greenwalt Jewelry Flame Necklace or Yewo Chaka Recycled Bangle Set

WVN Aurelia Dress
Nisolo Heeled Chelsea Boot in Bone
L.Greenwalt Jewelry Flame Necklace

2. Consciously Classy

This simple-yet-stunning ensemble is perfect for a family dinner, holiday party, or New Year’s Eve out on the town. WVN’s Amber Jumpsuit in Gingerbread or Sparrow both offer a sophisticated look that pairs beautifully with Nisolo’s boots or low heels and minimalistic jewelry.

Dress: WVN Amber Jumpsuit

Shoes: Nisolo Dari Boot in Almond

Jewelry: Salt + Still Nimbus Bracelet in Gold or Silver

WVN Amber Jumpsuit
Nisolo Dari boot
Salt + Still Nimbus Bracelet

3. Golden Age Geometric Glam

For a 1920s-inspired look, we love Anchal Project’s modern geometric crop top with this beautifully versatile skirt. Add matching some white shoes, like Nisolo’s Heeled Mule, and matching white modern geometric jewelry, like Hathorway’s Horn Post Dangle Earrings, and you’re all set for a glamorous night out!

Blouse: Anchal Project Box Crop Top in Bone

Skirt: Mata Traders Marla Tiered Skirt in Black

Shoes: Nisolo All-Day Heeled Mule in Bone

Jewelry: Hathorway Saigon II Horn Post Dangle Earrings in Light

Box Crop Top in Bone
Nisolog All-Day Heeled Mule
Hathorway saigon II horn post dangle earrings

4. Sustainable Showstopper

This festive fair trade outfit features three uniquely handmade pieces: a handcrafted dress made in a fair trade women’s cooperative in India, timeless clogs handmade in Spain, and matching earrings and necklace crafted using responsibly sourced, ethically mined, or recycled sterling silver. They are remarkable pieces by themselves, but together they create a truly showstopping look.

Dress: Mata Traders Paula Mini Dress in Black

Shoes: Nisolo Everyday Chelsea Boot in Black

Jewelry: L.Greenwalt Jewelry Christmas Cactus Earrings and Christmas Cactus Necklace

Mata Traders Paula Mini Dress
Everday Chelsea boot in black
L.Greenwalt Jewelry Christmas Cactus Earrings and Christmas Cactus Necklace

5. The Life of the Party

If you’re looking for a fun look without any frills or sequins, this WVN Devon Dress is a great choice. It looks fabulous with mules or slides for warmer months and boots for the chillier ones. And a great pair of dangling earrings like Sara Patino Jewelry’s Gold Recycled Hoops will add just the right amount of shine to this look.

Dress: WVN Devon Dress

Shoes: Nisolo Dari Boot in Black

Jewelry: Sara Patino Jewelry Gold Recycled Hoop in White Topaz

Nisolo Dari Boot
Sara Patino Jewelry Gold Recycled Hoop

6. One-of-a-Kind Shine

Bring some sustainable shine to your holiday with Symbology’s Cherry Blossom Modal Maxi Wrap paired with white Dari Boots. Add additional sparkle to your look with Salt + Still’s Hoop Earrings, a stunning square bangle, and a statement waterfall necklace to create a cohesive and elevated look.

Dress: Symbology Cherry Blossom Modal Maxi Wrap in Black + Gold

Shoes: Nisolo Dari Boot in Bone

Jewelry: Salt + Still Ovate Hoop Earrings, Abby Alley Square Bangle and L.Greenwalt Jewelry Waterfall Necklace

Symbology Cherry Blossom Modal Maxi Wrap
waterfall necklace
Abby Alley Square Bangle

For even more holiday outfit inspiration, check out our dresses collection, heels collection, and jewelry collection.

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