12 Ethical and Eco-Friendly Cooking Essentials for a Sustainable Kitchen

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If you’re a person who loves walking the aisles of a farmers’ market and searching for the best local produce, you’re probably a person who is mindful in the kitchen, who tries to reduce food waste and cut out single-use plastics. It would then make sense that the next time you need a tool or textile for your kitchen, you would want to make sure it’s consciously sourced.

Whether you’re looking to replace an item or two in your kitchen, you’re moving into a new space and starting from scratch, or you’re in need of some ideas for a sustainable wedding registry, this guide will help you find the ethical and eco-friendly kitchen products you need for cooking, baking, and serving food sustainably.

1. Katie Mudd Minimalist Stoneware Tumbler Set in Moon  — $70

Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in the morning with this elegant mug! Designer and ceramist Katie Mudd handcrafts beautifully minimalistic tumblers that are made with exceptional quality. Mudd locally sources all of her materials from small businesses in the Pacific Northwest to keep her carbon footprint low and her quality high. Made with care and built to last, Katie Mudd’s Stoneware Tumbler is a great addition to your kitchen.


2. Newly Goods Balsamo Recycled Lucite Cookbook Holder — $38

Made from 100% recycled Italian lucite, the Balsamo Cookbook Holder from Newly Goods is a functional and stylish addition to any cook’s kitchen! The clear frame holds cookbooks open and upright to make following along to your favorite recipes easier, while also protecting the pages of your favorite cookbooks from any inadvertent splatter.


3. Creative Women Camden Hand Towel in Azure and Tangerine — $29

Dotted with azure blue and bright tangerine, this Camden Hand Towel will bring summer vibes no matter where you’re located or which season it is. Creative Women’s natural fiber towels are made by women artisans in Ethiopia from hand-spun Ethiopian cotton. The brand is a member of the Fair Trade Federation and follows ethical production practices, paying fair wages and ensuring healthy working conditions.


Hand Towel

4. FINEX Cast Iron Lean Grill Pan — $99

When it comes to cast iron cookware, you can’t go wrong with FINEX. The Portland-based brand pays homage to the tradition of cast iron, sourcing heirloom-quality, North American iron while implementing modern functionality and designs. Each individual piece is made by six craftspeople over the course of twelve hours, ensuring that they are truly built to last a lifetime.


5. Slash Objects Hex Trivets — $24 to $36

These Slash Objects trivets are a stylish way to protect your counter or table. Each trivet is made in NYC using recycled rubber. This material is super durable, heat resistant, and waterproof, making them perfect for a multitude of uses in the kitchen.


Hex Recycled Rubber Trivet Set Sand Kitchen And Dining Slash Objects Duo 473206 1500x

6. Bibol Tchon Salad Bowl and Tia Salad Server in Griotte Matte — $32 to $55

This bold, polished, handmade bowl will instantly up your salad game. Crafted from sustainably-harvested bamboo by artisans in Vietnam and finished with all-natural varnishes and lacquers, this bowl is as environmentally sound and health-conscious as the salads you’ll mix up in it.


7. Newly Goods Shibusa Serving Board — $68 

Whether you’re hosting a party or just looking for something to spruce up your kitchen, Newly Goods’ serving board is a minimalistic and eco-friendly option that adds character wherever it’s used. Dedicated to environmental sustainability, Newly Goods’ durable serving boards are created with 100% reclaimed hardwood and made using approximately 900 recycled chopsticks.


8. Aplat Vin Zero Waste One Bottle Wine Tote in Ice Blue — $52

Enjoy a lovely picnic out and pack your favorite bottle of wine with Aplat’s Wine Tote. Made with 100% organic cotton and manufactured with zero-waste values in mind, Aplat designs their wine totes to be as eco-friendly as possible. The tote’s main compartment perfectly fits a bottle of wine and its three additional pockets are built for glasses or Aplat’s Pocket Cheese Board for your wine-pairing needs.


9. Sertodo Copper Kitchen Canisters — $247 to $599

These elegant kitchen canisters are the ultimate storage pieces for flour, sugar, tea, or any other dry goods. Copper is a naturally antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antifungal metal, making it the perfect material choice for a kitchen. (Check out this post for more on the health benefits of copper.)

With Sertodo Copper’s pieces, you don’t have to compromise your values in order to use this exceptionally stunning and functional metal. All of the brand’s goods are handmade from 100% recycled copper in artisan cooperatives.


10. Ekobo Recycled Bamboo Mixing Bowl + Colander Set — $39

Ekobo’s mixing bowl and colander set is sure to become a much-loved and well-used prep tool in your kitchen. Made from BPA-free, PVC-free bamboo fiber composite, the colander can be used to strain both hot and cold liquids, and both bowls are dishwasher-safe. 

The versatile set features a sleek design that allows the mixing bowl to transform into a serving bowl and the handle into a spout, making for easy pouring and serving.


11. Minna Dandelion Stripe Apron — $125

With a fresh print and bright hues, Minna’s spring-inspired apron will liven up any cooking session. The apron features a pocket and two tool loops for holding your utensils, servers, or a coordinating towel. Minna’s aprons are all handwoven by artisans working in a family-run cooperative in Chiapas, Mexico.


12. EKOBO Claro Recycled Bamboo Large Storage Jar Set in Sunrise — $30

Upgrade your kitchen storage with EKOBO’s recycled storage jar set in lemon, stone, and white. EKOBO’s products are made with BIOBU® FSC-certified bamboo fibre eco-composite, which is raw bamboo sawdust and a bi-product of China’s chopstick and flooring industry. With its biodegradable jar and renewable cork lid, every piece of this storage jar set embodies a sustainable and zero-waste philosophy.



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