10 ethical, artisan-made home decor brands to love

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We are proud to showcase a diverse curation of ethical home decor from partners who are reviving heritage crafts, using sustainable materials, and providing sustainable economic opportunities for artisans and makers around the world.

These fair trade brands work directly with indigenous artisans and skilled, multi-generational craftspeople producing culturally-representative and authentic goods. Supporting these efforts to preserve ancient techniques and art forms also enables artisans to earn living wages from their heritage crafts.

1. D.A.R. Projects

D.A.R. Projects was founded in 2016 in Northern Perú to sustain and grow the potential of Andean traditions using creative, intelligent design and social innovation. The social enterprise’s name, D.A.R., stands for Desarrollo Artesanal Rentable, which translates from Spanish to Sustainable Artisan Development.

Working collaboratively with artisans, D.A.R. Projects co-creates well-designed, unique objects utilizing heritage techniques and indigenous materials. The D.A.R. studio has received awards internationally — from the German Design Award to the Italian A-Design Award. Through crafting beautiful, functional goods that appeal to a wide market, D.A.R. creates lasting economic opportunities for artisans in Perú.

Categories: Planters, Pillows, Poufs


2. Rose & Fitzgerald

Rose & Fitzgerald is a fair trade studio based in Uganda and works with artisans in East Africa. This ethical brand’s goods are made with luxurious, locally sourced materials, including brass, leather, palm leaf, and Ankole horn. Rose & Fitzgerald works with highly skilled and talented craftspeople who use generations-old techniques, including metalworking, hand-looming and -weaving, carpentry, sculpting, and casting.

Each of the fair trade brand’s exquisite pieces is made ethically in East Africa, many of them in Rose & Fitzgerald’s design and art studio in Kampala, Uganda.

Categories: Pillows, Planters, Vases, Wall Hangings



KAZI is a line of modern handcrafted goods made by artisans in Africa. The ethical brand’s home decor collection includes baskets, vases, and tabletop pieces made from natural, food-safe dyes and locally sourced natural fibers, including sisal and sweetgrass.

KAZI is a Fair Trade Federation member and is dedicated to providing development opportunities for their artisans, reinvesting their profits into training initiatives that help farmers learn artisanal skills and craftspeople continue to expand their skills.

Categories: Planters, Vases, Baskets, Hampers, Storage, Wall Hangings



MINNA works collaboratively with family-run workshops and independent artisan collectives in Mexico, Guatemala, and Uruguay. MINNA combines elevated contemporary designs with traditional craft techniques to help preserve ancient crafts and create sustainable jobs for artisans.

Committed to fair trade practices, MINNA enables artisans to set their own wages and ensures safe working conditions. The socially responsible home goods brand also uses entirely natural and sustainable materials, including cotton and wool, as well as toxin-free or natural dyes.

Categories: Blankets, Pillows


5. Leah Singh

Leah Singh is a fair trade home decor brand based in New Delhi, designing striking, vibrant goods. Owner Leah and her team partner with artisans across villages in India who use heritage craft techniques native to their respective regions, including embroidery, weaving, and block printing.

All of Leah Singh’s beautiful pillows, rugs, and throws are responsibly handcrafted using only natural materials and AZO–free dyes.

Categories: Blankets, Pillows, Rugs


6. August Sage

August Sage is a women-run, fair trade home goods brand based in New Mexico and Washington State that partners with artisan communities from around the world. All of August Sage’s pieces are entirely handmade from natural and earth-friendly materials.

Committed to creating long-term economic opportunities for artisans, and preserving heritage crafts, August Sage ensures all artisan partners earn living wages that enable them to afford healthcare and invest in education.

Categories: Planters, Blankets, Pillows


7. Magda Made

Magda Made is a fair trade home goods and accessories brand based in Colombia, working with individual Colombian makers, as well as artisan groups, women’s cooperatives, and development organizations in the country. Every Magda Made product is handmade using locally and ethically sourced materials.

To ensure transparency, safe conditions, and fair wages, Magda Made visits all the locations where they source their products. The brand reinvests its profits into community development programs and economic opportunities for artisans.

Categories: Baskets, Storage, Wall Hangings


8. Kiliim

Kiliim is a socially responsible lifestyle brand partnering with kilim artisans in Fowwa, Egypt to create beautiful, vibrant home goods. Kiliim pairs contemporary designs with the generations-old technique of kilim to help revive and sustain this heritage craft.

All of Kiliim’s textiles are made with a high attention to quality by skilled craftspeople that come from multiple generations of kilim artisans. Kiliim’s products are made to last — their rugs and pillows are crafted using 100% Egyptian wool or cotton.

Categories: Pillows, Rugs


9. Swahili African Modern

Swahili African Modern is certified fair trade by the Fair Trade Federation. This ethical home goods brand’s baskets and hampers are made by women artisan basket weavers in Senegal. Their women artisans are paid living wages for their basket weaving and are able to become the breadwinners of their families — all while working from the comfort of their own village.

All of Swahili African Modern’s exquisite, artisan-made hampers and baskets are designed for functionality and crafted with sustainable and natural materials, including cattail stalks and upcycled plastic strips from prayer mats.

Categories: Baskets, Hampers, Storage


10. Ichcha

Ichcha is a sustainable, ethical home goods brand partnering with women artisans from rural communities in India to celebrate heritage techniques, such as hand-weaving and block printing. All of Ichcha’s artisans are able to set their own prices for their work. In addition, because of Ichcha’s NGO partnerships, artisans can learn Hindi and English and receive medical checkups.

The brand’s products are made with earth-friendly materials, such as hand-spun organic cotton, and natural vegetable dyes sourced from plants and minerals.

Categories: Blankets, Curtains, Pillows, Rugs


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