Made Trade Community Guidelines

Comment Moderation

All comments on Made Trade Magazine, Made Trade, and Made Trade’s social media accounts are moderated and monitored by Made Trade’s staff. Comments must comply with our community guidelines (below) before a comment is posted publicly.

Community Guidelines

We welcome constructive and inclusive comments on our posts. However, we do not tolerate destructive comments that violate our community guidelines. 

We encourage respectful discussion and welcome a diversity of passionate perspectives. Please be respectful of others, non-judgmental, and remember that everyone does not have the same access to information or resources. Consider adding a link — or a direction to further reading — that validates a comment, claim, or post.

Comments that include the following language are in violation of our community guidelines and will not be approved for posting on any Made Trade medium:

  • Personal attacks; abusive or hateful speech based on religion, gender, or sexual orientation
  • Baiting, flaming, or trolling 
  • Threats; advocating for violence or physical/emotional harm
  • Profane, sexist, racist, inflammatory, false, or discriminatory language
  • Commercial endorsement or promotion of a product, service, website, publication, or self-promotion
  • Solicitation of users or authors
  • All forms of spam

Individuals and entities repeatedly violating the community guidelines may be blocked from commenting on Made Trade Magazine, Made Trade, and Made Trade social media accounts.